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    Worst Musical Performance (That Was) On Television By RealStories with Zulfiqar Manzi

    This is a story about Soul/Funk singer Willie Daniels, and how he had the worst musical performance ever presented on Television. You guys probably never heard of him because his shit is banned…

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    Aaaaaaa! WTF?

    Funny guy shows with speaking jaw.

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    How To Properly Play Arcade Games

    Very emotional player.

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    58 Degrees In Los Angeles

    Two Angelinos brave the freezing 58 degree climate. Music by Kevin MacLeod Cast: Matt Harbert, Rian Kountz, Peter Banifaz, Brian Ruppenkamp

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    Two old friends meet for some drinks to celebrate one man’s many recent achievements in life.

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    Fail Of The Day: Grandmother Failed To Play Ping-Pong

    Grandson win.

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    Catty Friends By Chocolate Milk

    When you think you can count on your friends… maybe you can’t. Watch as reality shows Malorie and Raquel a different alternative to their great sketch ideas as they try to be cats, dogs, and unicorns.

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    A Memorable Game From Mexico

    This is better than chess. Who’s going to win?

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    Daughters Hilarious Reaction To Oculus Rift Goggles

    Daughter shocked by Oculus Rift. Check out her reaction when she tries the virtual reality goggles.

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    NBA Fails Of The Day

    1. Chris Paul flopped totally the wrong way defending James Harden 2. Fan trolls LeBron 3. Manu gives the Ref a tec.


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