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    I Love This Video So Much: Suit and Tie In The 217 Video Defy Black Male Stereotypes

    A Counter-Narrative on Black Male Students: At Central High School’s Black History Month Celebration, the Central and Centennial High School African-American Clubs released a joint video countering the negative images of young African-American males in the media. The students affirmed the following in a video highlighting the successes of young black males within the District: • We are not gangsters and thugs. • We are employees and volunteers. • We are scholars. • We are athletes. “The negative stories told [...]

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    Cool Hip Hop Doctor Brings Smile To Litte Child’s Face After She Broke Her Foot

    Young lady broke her foot, this is how the doctor explained how to take care of the cast. Too bad she can’t go swimming, summer’s almost here.

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    Dead Body Clean Up Prank By VitalyzdTv

    Russian Hitman Dead Body Clean Up Prank!

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    Giving Complete Strangers Money Experiment

    Jack Vale Giving people 50 dollar bills and 100 dollar bills. Check out their reactions.

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    Slap Yourself Funniest Vine Compilation Vol. 4

  • Video

    Mark Wahlberg Does Cool Things (Vines)

    Mark Wahlberg does things around the house.

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    Mike E. Winfield Roast Guy Sleeping In Crowd During Mike E. Winfield’s Comedy Show

    Do NOT fall asleep at Mike E. Winfield’s comedy show! Guy falls asleep at comedy club and will not wake up. Hilarity ensues.

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    David Blaine Magic Trick Almost Gives Harrison Ford A Heart Attack

    Greatest Blaine trick ever! David Blaine performs for Harrison Ford. From the ABC special “Real or Magic.”

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    Everest College Commercial Hood Edition

    Everest College Commercial Parody – a skit of the ever popular, often irritating Everest College commercials and their beloved spokesman… West Coast style.

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    Lawyer Strips And Attempts To Seduce Taxi driver

    A cab driver is suing the city of New Orleans in civil court, saying he was falsely arrested and imprisoned, and now video of the incident has been made public. The case involves a local lawyer now charged with lying to investigators about the incident. In September, the WDSU I-Team broke the story that Jennifer Gaubert was charged with lying to investigators after she claimed taxi cab driver Hervey Farrell secretly video taped her in a compromising position and then [...]


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