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    Ultimate Dog Vines Compilation

  • Video

    Proof That Floyd Mayweather Can Read

    Footage of Mayweather reading a teleprompter with no problem.

  • Video

    Need Those Fans In Prison…

    Will Thomas’ one-liner of the night.

  • Video

    Dinosaur In The Inner City Prank!

    Now this is a good prank.

  • Video

    50 cent Challanges Floyd Mayweather To A Reading Challange

    50 cent will donate 750,000 to any charity of Floyd’s choice if he can read 1 page of a Harry Potter book without stopping.

  • Video

    French Bulldog Can’t Reach Tennis ball

    This French Bulldog’s struggle is a grand metaphor for life.

  • Video

    Worldstar Hip Hop Tech Support

    Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at WorldStar Hip Hop? From irate thugs to disappointed twerking moms, watch how the staff at WSHH deals with all the ratchet shenanigans!

  • Video

    Where I Can Get Any Crack?

    Crack want some crack? Get you high…

  • Video

    Here’s Why Kanye West Fired DJ Mano

    Best of DJ Mano

  • Video

    Comcast Puts Customer On Hold Until They Closed

    Aaron Spain was trying to cancel his service. He was transferred to the “retention” department at 7:17pm. He uploading this video at 10:19pm


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