• Video

    Dog Magically Appears Out Of Nowhere

    Dog teleports out of nowhere during a street race in Chile.

  • Video

    Gamer Nerd Has A Good Comeback Against Witty Trash-Talker


  • Video

    Kobe Bryant Goes Off On Teamates During Practice (Says They’re ‘Soft’ As Toilet Paper)

    Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant says teammates are ‘soft’ as toilet paper.

  • Video

    Story Time! [Compilation]

    Narrating People’s Lives with Thomas Sanders compilation.

  • Video

    Chris Rock’s SNL Monologue

  • Video

    SNL Lincoln Ads W/ Jim Carrey

    Matthew McConaughey (Jim Carrey) ponders the important questions in life and takes Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert (Kenan Thompson) for a ride in a new set of commercials.

  • Video

    Hannibal Buress Calls Bill Cosby A Rapist During Recent Stand-Up Show

    Hannibal Buress calls Bill Cosby a rapist in anti-Cosby tangent during recent stand-up show. “And it’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the fucking smuggest old black man public persona that I hate. Pull your pants up, black people. I was on TV in the ’80s. I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom. Yeah, but you raped women, Bill Cosby. So, brings you down a couple notches. I don’t curse on stage. Well, yeah, you’re [...]

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    Random Bird Tells A Guy “F-You!”

    Random Bird can talk, but it doesn’t say nice things.

  • Video

    No One Is Safe From Randy Orton’s “RKO”

    A compilation of all the “RKO” vines.

  • Video

    Shooting At People “In The Hood” [Mock Prank]

    Just a prank pranking the pranks/pranksters that prank people in the inner city.


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